All Sydney Anglicans need to know to respond to Covid19

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(October 30 2020)   

Index to Resources

Archbishop's updates:

Comfort from Psalm 23. Video of sermon here.

Response to the June Public health order. Statement here.

The Archbishop reads Morning Prayer:

Website or listen on Spotify and Apple music

Call to prayer on Easter Day.

Archbishop's term extended

For church leaders, workers and wardens:

Know how to respond in each situation if you are involved in running a church. Check our 

Frequently Asked Questions


We are urging fervent prayer for all aspects of life and health, church fellowship and outreach. There will be a day of prayer on 29 March and the Cathedrals in Sydney, Wollongong and Parramatta will ring bells for prayer at midday on Mondays and Thursdays.

Prayer during COVID19

Morning Prayer, read by Archbishop Glenn Davies - Also listen on spotify and apple music

Seven days of Prayer Book services from Moore College.

Common Prayer for Homes

Kids Pray from Youthworks

Health information:

NSW Dept of Health latest COVID-19 updates

Frequently Asked Questions from NSW Health

You can download the Federal Health Department's Coronavirus app:

iPhone/iPad   Android

Southern Cross for October



An online service from St Andrew's Cathedral is available below.

Other Anglican churches will be live streaming services and the list will be updated here. Languages other than English are available. We always recommend you prioritise your own church if you are a regular attender. Your congregation needs your support. To list your Anglican church here, email us.



Click here for the full list of churches by suburb.

Pastoral Care and Community Resources:

See the Pastoral care page

How to keep a small church going during COVID-19

Ideas for connecting

Mental Health - from Keith Condie

Cards to drop into neighbours:

Hope cards

Viral kindness idea

Children's Resources

See more on the Children's Resources page

Zoom Resources and recorded meetings:

See our special page on Zoom Guidelines and Best Practice here.

Zoom-Church Masterclass

Recorded: Watch again on Vimeo

Zoom masterclass run by Bishop Michael Stead, Rev Mike Paget, Rev Ben Boardman and Rev Jodie McNeill

Youth and children’s ministry in a virtual-church world.

Recorded: Watch again on Zoom or Vimeo

Convener: Ed Springer, Youthworks Ministry Support

Using Zoom for interactive online church gatherings

Recorded: Watch again on Zoom

Convener: Mike Paget, St Barnabas Broadway

Using Facebook Live to livestream to your congregation.

Recorded: Watch again on Zoom

Conveners: Roger Fitzhardinge and Jodie McNeill

Livestreaming Resources:

Tips for solo livestreaming

Hints for speaking to camera

GAFCON on streaming 

TGC on live streaming basics

Geneva push advice

Leading a virtual group from Hunter Bible Church


If your church does decide to create and broadcast your own service, remember to support the musicians whose music you may be using. Here are some links to the licensing requirements for webinars and online broadcasts as well as hymns in the public domain.

Those who are using contemporary songs will need to purchase a licence via CCLI as noted above. Those who are using traditional hymns played live rather than recordings should not require permission if the music is in the public domain (which much of it is).

As far as we are aware - Several Christian music publishing/performing groups and individuals have granted churches blanket rights for the inclusion of their sound recordings and/or videos in church live-streams during the lockdown period. Let us know if there are others.

We understand you can use any songs (with appropriate copyright attribution) from:

  • Emu music
  • Sovereign Grace
  • Keith & Kristyn Getty
  • Colin Buchanan
  • City Alight (see here)
  • Music resources from Moore College

Streaming licence for churches available through CCLI

CCLI’s list of public domain songs

The 100 most popular songs in churches for 2019

Copyright and Privacy:

Copyright for the use of material from A Prayer Book for Australia should be acknowledged during live streaming and a graphic added to end of any published videos.

Showing film scenes, videos or clips during live streaming services will require specific licencing to prevent against any breaches of copyright.

Privacy law should also be considered in the case of live streaming. Ensuring that you have the permission of those who may appear in your live stream will minimise the risk of a privacy breach.

Multicultural Resources

Resources in various languages from Moore College Mission Re-imagined

Chinese, Japanese, Korean